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The Collins RVT Coaching Lab

The Collins RVT is proud to be launching the Coaching Lab; an interactive experience that combines the power of our PsyCap Master Training course with live virtual coaching. Participants in our research will learn to harness the power of their own mental resources through the PsyCap training course. Upon completion of this training, participants will be given the opportunity to take their experience even further by working with a virtual coach to build strategies that will help them achieve their goals. 

Enter the Coaching Lab

Clicking the button will redirect you to a new page

You will be taken to a survey that upon completion will direct you to the training

The option to sign up for coaching will become available after completing PsyCap training. 

What you will gain from your experience in the Coaching Lab: 

  • The PsyCap training will teach participants about Psychological Capital, an important mental resource that has been found to have a relationship with increased performance and satisfaction, as well as decreased burnout. Through our own research, we have been able to replicate these relationships using our own PsyCap Training. 

  • Participants choosing to sign up for virtual coaching will partake in a personalized coaching session with a trained coach from our team. These sessions will be designed around the participants individual goals and will provide the participant with strategies to help them work toward goal attainment.  

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