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Our team is comprised of scholar-practitioners who value connections between people. Our unique backgrounds, skills, and experience all contribute to our identity as a team.


"Leaders are dealers of hope." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Joey is an Assistant Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University where he oversees a research program focused on executive coaching and leadership. His areas of teaching include leadership, team and organization development (OD). His specialties include OD consulting, Executive Coaching, Gestalt and Psychodynamic therapy. He is also the President and Founder of Collins Alliance and creator of Xcelperformance Executive Coaching and Engagement Analytics Services. Joey's consulting usually begins in the C-suite working with leaders, their teams and then to the entire organization. His clients include Veterans Health Administration, General Motors, Ford, Nissan-Infinity, Alaska Dept. of Transportation, Maritz, Coinstar-Redbox, UW Medical Center - Harborview, and Seattle Zoo. Previously, he served as a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Veterans Health Affairs National Center for Organization Development delivering a variety of organization development interventions using a process consultation model for service delivery to VA Medical Centers and Program Offices throughout the United States. In his spare time, Joey also is an avid triathlete and believes a body in motion stays in motion

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“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” - Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook)

Audrey is a fifth-year doctorate student at Seattle Pacific University. Prior to pursuing her doctorate degree, Audrey received her B.A. in Psychology from Pitzer College. Audrey currently works at Seattle Genetics as an HR Career Development Consultant where she owns the career pathing project and employee engagement survey. She also works extensively with the OD&T, Talent Acquisitions, and HRBP teams on projects involving job evaluation, competency modeling, interview protocols, and on-boarding processes. She hopes her next roles will be equally diverse but more data-driven, utilizing her proficiency in statistics gained from being the TA for Program Evaluation, Statistics, and Research Methods classes at Pitzer and SPU. Audrey's research interests include coach/coachee characteristics' influence on coaching success, and the validity and reliability of coaching models for executive and managerial coaching. In her spare time, Audrey enjoys attending comic-con events, playing D&D, and utilizing Harry Potter references when teaching statistics. Further information can be found at her websites: and


"The bottom line in leadership isn't how far we advance ourselves but how far we advance others" - John Maxwell

Justin completed his bachelor's degree in Psychology at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan while minoring in Business and Philosophy. He has continued his education in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology doctoral program at Seattle Pacific University. His academic interests include managerial coaching, compassion within organizations, and applied research methods. In his personal time, Justin enjoys rock climbing and spontaneous adventures with his friends. He is a proud member of Dr. Joey Collin's research vertical team and is incredibly excited about the new research that the team is conducting.

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"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Megan is a fourth-year doctoral student on Collins' Research Vertical Team at Seattle Pacific University (SPU). Before coming to SPU, Megan received her B.S. in Psychology from Santa Clara University. Currently, Megan works for HumanPoint, providing her clients with her expertise in workplace psychology research to help individuals and teams actualize their potential. Megan's fieldwork has already guided global technology and entertainment companies to improve job crafting, team culture, and workplace climate. She has also advised various corporations on process improvement and survey design and administration. Megan's current research interests include understanding team dynamics through the lens of human interaction, the coaching relationship, and creating tools for effective workplace interpersonal communication. In her spare time, she enjoys anything involving athletics and reading literature of all kinds.

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“Leading can be as simple as having the right tool for the right job - RTRJ.” - Jeff Nelson

Mike is a fourth-year doctoral student for Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Prior to attending SPU, Mike received his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration at the University of Iowa. Currently, Mike works as a People Strategist for Avanade, Inc. His primary research interests include CoachMotivation, Emotion Regulation, and Organizational Coaching Effectiveness. Outside of work and school, Mike enjoys competitive swimming, snowboarding, and traveling internationally. Mike is also a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

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“I think that leadership more than anything is about setting a course and describing a vision for people.” 

-Barack Obama

Alifiya is a third-year doctoral student at Seattle Pacific University. Before joining the Industrial-Organizational guild, Alifiya received her Bachelor's from Gonzaga University. She then joined Teach for America, Las Vegas Valley and received her Master’s in Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Afterward, she moved to Seattle where she began working with children from birth to 3-years with developmental delays. During this time, she started her company's equity and inclusion team which propelled her decision to go back to school. She is primarily interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion and the potential role I-O can play in education.

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"Of course I want to be successful

but I don’t crave success for me. I need to be successful to gain enough milk and honey to help those around me succeed" -Rupi Kaur

Born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska, Sara found her second home with SPU in 2011. Passionate about music and helping people, she pursued education and training in the field of music therapy. After completing an internship with MusicWorx Inc. in San Diego, CA, she obtained her Music Therapist, Board Certified (MT-BC) credential. For several years, she worked as a counselor and music therapist with a variety of populations in the Seattle area. An interest in utilizing Motivational Interviewing (MI) and music for wellness in the workplace is what drove Sara to join the I-O Psychology program at SPU in 2016. With Collins' RVT, Sara developed the initial CoachMotivation training used for research and consulting through Collins Alliance. In addition to MI informed coaching, Sara's research interests include burnout and job-seeking & interviewing behaviors. Outside of pursuing her doctoral degree, Sara works as a Technical Recruiter with Amazon where she supports the hiring process through partnering with brilliant individuals in the technology industry. In her free time, Sara enjoys singing with the Seattle Choral Company.

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“You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader.” – Henry Ford

Hunter is in his second year of the Industrial-Organizational Psychology doctorate program at Seattle Pacific University. Before joining the program, Hunter received his Bachelor's in Psychology from Northern Michigan University. Currently, he works as an Assistant Project Manager at Stang Decision Systems, based out of Marquette, Michigan. Hunter's passion for research lies primarily in Selection, but he also has a strong interest in Coaching. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing and hiking.

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“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it change. The leader adjusts the sails" - John Maxwell

Daniel is in his first year at Seattle Pacific University’s program for his M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Born and raised in North Carolina, he acquired his B.A. in Psychology at Appalachian State University. After graduation, Daniel spent the following year preparing to move to Seattle so he could attend SPU. With a purpose to have employees experience long-term positive workplace environments, his interests reside in Change Management and Coaching Leaders. During his free time, you will find Daniel snowboarding, skateboarding, or playing with his cat, Indi.  



“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” - John Wesley

Nathan is currently the Program Director of the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at California Baptist University in Riverside, CA. He is also the CEO of Momentum Coaching + Consulting. Nathan particularly enjoyed the mentorship model in holistic leadership while working on Collins RVT. His dissertation is titled: Career Development Practices in a Global Economy.


“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through” - Rosalynn Carter

Meghan is currently the Director of Strategy Management at Premera Blue Cross in Mountlake Terrace where she implements Enterprise Performance Management and Corporate Planning disciplines. In addition to her career at Premera, Meghan also teaches two courses at University of Washington Bothell. She is also a part of the adjunct faculty at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland where she teaches Managerial Decision Making to MBA students. Outside of her career and teaching, Meghan also enjoys volunteering on the community advisory board for Snohomish County Tomorrow. Meghan’s favorite memory of being on Collins RVT was presenting the team’s research as a poster at the Harvard Medical McLean Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference with Dr. Collins. Her dissertation is titled: The Role of Leader Engagement in Predicting Organizational Profitability through Subordinate Engagement and Service Climate and Quality.


"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." - Lao Tzu (translated)

Mark currently conducts private consulting with organizations out of Vineyard, Utah. His work includes providing program, data analytics, and psychometrics support to various organizations, including an executive coaching firm and a personality/character development mobile app startup. Mark also teaches part-time for online courses in psychology and business. Find out more about Mark’s consulting at: Mark greatly enjoyed being a part of Collins RVT, especially in regard to the push for excellence, the unique perspectives that team members brought (in both theory and practice), and the strong work ethic. Working together on Collins RVT always brought fun, innovation, and hard work. The title of Mark’s dissertation is: Student Ownership of Learning and Retention: A Hierarchical Investigation of the Educational Working Alliance.


“The ability to move people now depends on power’s inverse: understanding another person’s perspective, getting inside his head, and seeing the world through his eyes.”

--Daniel H. Pink, To Sell is Human

Tony has been an executive in the financial industry for over 25 years. He is currently Associate Professor in the College of Business at Northwest University. He earned his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. 
Tony has spent many years teaching various college-level courses, including both undergraduate and graduate classes in finance, economics, leadership, strategy, sales, and I-O psychology.
Tony holds a Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree in Economics with honors from Gonzaga University, a Masters of Arts (MA) degree in Economics from Washington State University, and an MA and PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University.
Tony also holds the Society of Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional designation (SHRM-SCP), is a certified director through UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, and a former Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA) through the University of Pittsburg.
When not at work or school, Tony enjoys spending time with his family including his wife Bonnie, and their 6 children. Tony is an active member of New Covenant Fellowship.


"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy

Mimi is in her second year of the Master's program at SPU and will be graduating with her MA in June. She attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for her undergraduate degree in Psychology where she developed her passion for helping and developing people. Before moving to Seattle, Mimi worked as a Behavioral Therapist for children with developmental delays. She is currently employed as an Administrative Assistant at a small environmental consulting firm and serves as one of the Graduate Assistants on Collins RVT. She has strong interests in Training and Development, Selection, and Coaching. Outside of work and school, Mimi enjoys hiking, playing board games, and attending CrossFit classes.

“The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have”- Sheryl Sandberg

Andres is in his second year of the Master's program for Industrial-Organizational Psychology at SPU. Before coming to Seattle, he received his Bachelor's in Psychology and Business Administration. Andres currently works as a Business Insights Analyst for E15 Group at Amazon's Seattle headquarters. Andres also serves as one of the Graduate Assistants on Collins' Research Vertical Team.  In his free time, he enjoys attending sporting events and listening to music and podcasts.


"Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less." 
-John Maxwell

Josiah joined the Master's program in 2018. He received his Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Leadership Studies from Azusa Pacific University in 2015. He is passionate about the practical application of I-O research and concepts in the marketplace. His subject matter areas of focus include Organizational Development and Culture, Teams and Leadership Development, Coaching, and Workplace Health. Josiah was born and raised in Northern California. His hobbies include snowboarding and traveling abroad. His future career aspirations involve entrepreneurship within the OD consulting space and international micro-enterprise development.

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