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COVID-19: Managing Anxiety and Work Strategies

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has caused a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty. Managers and teams need ways to deal with the impact of this challenge. AthenaOnline includes links to several micro-learning videos focused on calming anxiety and providing strategies for keeping a cohesive team of remote workers.


Calming Fears

5 Steps to Help Employees Deal with Stress: In today’s workplace many people are under stress. Especially if there is change taking place. Author and development expert Julie Giulioni offers five steps for helping employees deal with stress at work, build trust, engagement, and loyalty.

Helping Anxious People Deal with Their Emotions: One of the most crippling daily emotions we experience is anxiety. Dr. Weisinger gives some advice on how to respond to an anxious person and help them deal with their emotions.

The One Moment Meditation Technique: Martin Boroson explains the one moment exercise. He shows how this short and simple technique can make significant changes one’s life. Results include improved efficiency, productivity, and reduced stress.

Coaching People Dealing with Fear: Fear is a common emotion for almost everyone. Sometimes we simply scare ourselves! Dr. Ursiny gives three tips for coaching people on conquering their fears.

Emotions – Handling Anxiety: Anxiety is a common emotional response for employees. Dr. Shatte offers some advice to help handle those feelings.

Tips to Reduce Stress: Martin Boroson examines the problems that surround stress. He offers a number of strategies to reduce personal stress. In addition, he provides an easy to use exercise to integrate into your employees’ lives.

What to do When Nothing Can be Done: Sometimes problems can’t be solved and change cannot be managed. When that happens, you need to adopt a new leadership style. Martin Boroson explores this difficult issue and provides strategies for dealing with ambiguity and unsolvable problems.


Working Remotely

Developing Respond-Abilities in the Virtual Environment: Respond-abilities are behaviors that are crucial to working in a virtual environment. Dr. Baggio explains ways to create positive behaviors using this ability in the virtual world.

Success Tools for the Virtual Workplace: Dr. Baggio discusses the benefits of a virtual workforce and how to be successful with your telecommuters.

Six Steps to Keep Long Projects on Course: Have you ever had a project go off-track? If yes, then management expert Helene Segura can help. Follow these six steps to better manage those long-term projects to keep you and your team headed in the right direction.

Being Productive in a Virtual Environment: It’s easier in a virtual world to make excuses for not getting work done. Dr. Baggio discusses how to set boundaries and rules for being productive when you need to be accountable.

Aligning Your Virtual Connections: Today, being connected isn’t a problem. It’s how we connect that’s important. Dr. Baggio advances how we can become better listeners in a virtual world.

Three Practices to Develop Career Agility: Workforce expert Julie Giulioni discusses the inner game of developing career agility. She explains three ways to develop it within yourself. Also provided is a self-assessment with questions to help you understand your level of agility.


Moving Forward

Keeping a Positive Mindset for Better Results: Paul McGee explains the TEAR model and how our mindset affects the results we get.

Keeping a Positive Focus: Jason Womack speaks on inviting positive mental visualizations in order to succeed in the workplace.

Implication Thinking: Leadership expert Bob Treadway discusses the strategic leadership skill of implication thinking. This is understanding the effects of events and trends.

Advanced Implication Thinking: Treadway explores the method for advanced implication thinking. This is an incredibly valuable tool for systems thinking and strategic planning.

Information provided by AthenaOnline.


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