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Articles and videos that are relevant to the work we do

Our partner, CoachSource, develops highly successful leaders, using programs tailored to fit their objectives as well as those of the organizations they manage.

Bruce Avolio's Ted Talk on Transformational Leadership

McKenna & Davis' (2009) article on psychotherapy outcome research applied to executive coaching

A video explaining John Kotter's (1996) change model

A video explaining the concept of sensemaking - making sense and creating structure out of the unknown

Underhill & Collins' online course on the latest research that explores key differences when comparing results from executives, organizational leaders, and internal and external coaches.

Rob McKenna's organization focusing on supporting the development of whole individuals through an intentional system of simple to use tools.

A friend of Collins RVT, Marcus Management is a full-service organizational development and human resources consulting firm providing a number of services, including workplace civility assessment and training, employee engagement surveys, Lean and Six Sigma improvement processes, leadership development, performance management, and employee selection services.

A short video of WellCoaches' module introducing what makes a good coach.

A podcast on workplace research by a group of Master's and Doctoral students in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

MIT Sloan Management Review's page of resources can help provide leadership solutions for crisis management, leading change, navigating remote work, and more.

Bruce Avolio shares five points that should matter in good times and bad: points which have stood out since people began to take on the COVID-19 challenge.

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